Our goal is to bring public awareness about the impact the Asian Carp will have on our ecosystem. We plan to go to Washington and meet with TWRA, Corps of Engineers, TVA, US Fishing Wildlife, Secretary of Interior and Sen. Lamar Alexander for a private meeting. We need three electronic nets that will be placed in Chickamauga, Nickajack, and Watts Bar. After the meeting in November 2018 we will email our supporters and ask for the pledged amount so the government may begin construction on the electronic barriers. At which time it will be a non-profit trust distributed by a bank.

We have a pressing need to protect our ecosystems and our boaters. When the water is disturbed, the carp begin to jump out of the water. It becomes a dangerous environment for boaters when they start jumping. 1 death has been reported, and multiple broken bones of boaters battling these carp as they are going 40+mph on the water.

The image you see above indicates how far the carp have intruded on Tennessee’s ecosystem. The red shows where the Asian Carp have had known circulation, but has not been updated to keep up with the explosive growth of the carp population.

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Gary Chapman
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